The birth of the idea (english)

The birth of the idea

Mid-2012, we had the idea for a large re-enactment battle with reference to the early history of Schleswig-Holstein. But how to approach the whole thing? Just got for a medieval market, as there are so many, and hope that maybe a handful of interested fighters would join us?!

This would require a proper plan, with enough time, good public relations, many volunteers and a good organization. Soon there was enough interest, and quickly we found a number of volunteers taking a part in the organiziation.

For historical reference there were various dates availiable. Concerning the location the focus however was almost on the same unchanging territory, the former border between the Saxons, Slavs and Danes, the Limes Saxonie. This area, which was less than a clear boundary but rather an uninhabited forest and impenetrable, was popularly knows as Isarhnhoe – the iron wood. Ultimately selected was the Battle of Suentana in 798 A.D.

So the idea took shape, and

Project Ironwood – Battle of Suentana 798

got started.

Meanwhile, there are many good ideas and suggestions, and many people have been very interested in participating in this project. So if your interest has been aroused, you can sign up easily enough by contacting our planning team.